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Caving Adventures

woman in cave

Explore the incredible hidden world that lies beneath the Appalachian Mountains.


Pipelines Plagued by Lawsuits and Delays


Construction remains halted on most of the Atlantic Coast Pipeline’s route and on some of the Mountain Valley Pipeline’s route due to a slew of legal issues.


Fascinating Cave Creatures of Appalachia

southern cavefish

Hidden underneath the majesty of the Appalachian mountains is a strange, enchanting cave ecosystem full of unusual creatures.


Solar Projects Shine in Southwest Virginia

Members of solar workgroup stand outside a high school

Collaborative efforts to bring solar to businesses, homes, schools and an abandoned mine move forward.


A Quest to Protect At-Risk Bats

Virginia Big-Eared Bat

Researchers and conservationists found and saved the land where a colony of endangered Virginia big-eared bats roost.


Eastern Kentucky Community Groups Pursue Solar

A man stands with solar panels

Four community-led organizations in Letcher County, Ky., plan to install solar arrays to combat rising electricity costs.


Building a Better Economy

People gathered in a semi-circle watching a baking demonstration

Communities across Appalachia are striving to build a more resilient and sustainable economy.


Exploring Old Growth Forest in Historic Harlan County

Forested mountain view

Kentucky’s Harlan County, perhaps best known for its mining history, is also home to a wonderful old-growth forest preserve with several hiking trails.


Going Caving in West Virginia


Organ Cave Where: Near Lewisburg, W.Va., in Greenbrier County How to access: The cave has more than 45 miles of mapped passages. Tours are offered year-round, and are by reservation only from November through April.Reservations are recommended May through October.


Going Caving in Virginia


Fountain Cave Where: Grottoes, Va., in Augusta and Rockingham counties, adjacent to the more accessible Grand Caverns How to access: While this cave once had walkways, it is now a wild cave ideal for a more adventurous caving experience. Cavers


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