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Mountaintop Removal Coal Mining’s Summer of Discontent

Story by Bill Kovarik A summer of discontent is rapidly turning into an autumn of confrontation, as Congressional hearings and regional protests increasingly pit environmental activists against coal industry employees. In one of over a dozen full scale protests this

A Backyard Vegetable Garden

Story by Kathleen McFadden Talk about a shovel-ready project! Federal legislators may not have had home gardens in mind when they crafted the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act to provide funding for ready-to-go infrastructure projects, but First Lady Michelle Obama

Volunteers Put New Trail On The Map

Story and photo by Sarah Vig The Mountains to Sea Trail is halfway home. With over 500 of its 1000 miles completed, the ambitious project is well on its way to spanning the entire length of the state of North

The Modest Mayapple

Large leaves of the mayapple shelter a single white blossom, which later yields the plant’s fruit. Photo by Rick Mark

Story by Alison Singer What first caught my eye was the tightly wound green bundle atop the stem. They looked like closed umbrellas. “What are those?” I asked, pointing. “It’s Jack-in-the-Pulpit,” my friend told me, and I let the name

Former Appalachian Voices Director Mary-Anne Hitt Recognized by Alma Mater

Mary Anne Hitt, who served as Appalachian Voices’ Executive Director from spring 2004 until November, 2008, recently received the University of Tennessee’s Notable Woman award. The award, given every year since 1995 by the University of Tennessee Commission for Women,

Appalachian Voices’ Attorney Puts Duke CEO Jim Rogers in The Hot Seat

While several dozen people were outside Duke Energy headquarters protesting CEO Jim Rogers’ decision to construct new coal-fired power plants in North Carolina and Indiana, Scott Gollwitzer, Appalachian Voices’ In-house Counsel, was inside asking questions at the annual shareholders’ meeting.

Virginia AV Office Opposing Surry’s Behemoth Coal Power Plant

By Mike McCoy AV’s Virginia office is focused on preventing a behemoth of a coal plant from being permitted and built in the small town of Dendron, Virginia in the Hampton Roads area. Nine Virginia electric cooperatives are partnering in

Team Beltway Weighs In: Clean Water Protection Act Reaches 151 Cosponsors

By J.W. Randolph The federal Clean Water Protection Act (HR 1310) has reached 151 cosponsors in just under 4 months of cosponsor recruitment, Appalachian Voices ‘Team Beltway’ is pleased to announce. During the last Congress, it took 21 months to

Rail-trail leads along Piney River near Virginia’s Blue Ridge

Story by Joe Tennis Easing along the Piney River, the Virginia Blue Ridge Railway Trail chugs along a historical path, crisscrossing the Amherst-Nelson county line. This easy to moderate rail trail, at five miles in length, was once the path

Appalachian Voices Welcomes New Executive Director, Willa Mays

Appalachian Voices is pleased to announced the appointment of Willa Coffey Mays as our new executive director. Mays brings 20 years of experience working with non-profit organizations, ten of those with groups focused on the environment, working in marketing, fundraising,

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