December 2016 / January 2017

Following Cherokee Footpaths

Hundreds of years ago, before interstate highways drove through the mountains, a network of trails winding around the Southern Appalachians served as the arteries of the sovereign Cherokee nation.

Public Pushback Against Appalachian Natural Gas Pipelines

Community members from across Appalachia are joining together to fight the construction of the Atlantic Coast and Mountain Valley Pipelines, but critics cite flaws with the ongoing environmental review process.

Reclaiming Mined Mountains to Beneficial Use

More than one million acres across Appalachia have been disturbed by surface coal mining. These formerly mined lands offer many challenges, but could also become focal points for economic development and reforestation.

Appalachians Against The Dakota Access Pipeline

Across Appalachia, communities are supporting the indigenous-led resistance to the Dakota Access Pipeline, a partially constructed crude oil pipeline stretching 1,100 miles across North and South Dakota, Iowa and Illinois.

Traveling The Crooked Road

Along its 330-mile route, The Crooked Road in Southwest Virginia connects visitors with the sounds of America’s roots music and demonstrates how a region can leverage its cultural assets to develop a new economy.

Driving Trails of Appalachia

Take a day or a week to discover Appalachia along one of the region's many driving trails.

Buckingham's Battle: Residents oppose proposed gas compressor station

A proposed natural gas compressor station in Buckingham County, Va., would keep gas moving through the Atlantic Coast Pipeline. But many nearby residents are opposed to the industrial facility because it would cause pollution and noise and devalue nearby properties.