Feb/March 2015


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Coal Ash Management

The first federal regulations governing the disposal of toxic coal ash passed in December 2014. The rule provides some safeguards, but environmental advocates aren't reassured. And in North Carolina, more than a year after the Dan River coal ash spill, communities living near the waste are still concerned about the pollution's effects.

Appalachian Voices Book Club

Appalachia’s triumphs and tragedies, its beauty and mystery, and its people’s tenacity, love and good humor have long been enshrined in fiction. This year, the stories of the region’s struggles with coal are reaching a national audience thanks to two powerful new novels.

Museum Celebrates Birthplace of Country Music

In the 1920s, regional musicians often jammed together in Bristol while waiting for the next train. Those sounds were recorded during the now-famous Bristol Sessions, and now a new museum pays homage to the living legacy of country music.

Families Win Energy Savings

A plastic tube winds through the Dunlaps' front room to a door covered in red plastic sheeting. It's the first step in a process to make this drafty home warmer and more efficient through smart investments in air-sealing and insulation.