Employment Opportunities

Americorps Communications Outreach Associate

* Please note: this position is an eleven-month service term and is administered under the auspices of Americorps and Carolina Mountain Land Conservancy’s Americorps Project Conserve program *

The Communications Outreach Associate will focus on educating the public about regional environmental issues through print and online media and direct outreach. The member will serve as the Associate Editor of our 61,000 circulation bimonthly newspaper and host in-person and web-based educational events designed to inspire others to care for the Appalachian mountains.

The Communications Outreach Associate will often be simultaneously engaged in a variety of projects, and is encouraged to have strong multi-tasking skills and be forward-thinking, possess an excitement about journalism and other written communications, have a cutting-edge perspective on environmental issues and the ability to converse easily with and manage volunteers, interns and freelance writers. Position responsibilities will include:

•Participating in the daily and overall functions of the organization’s bimonthly journalistic publication, The Appalachian Voice, including involvement in the creation of each issue from storyboarding to final product, managing interns and volunteers, editing freelance stories, copy-editing final product and uploading each final issue to the publication’s online version;

• Organizing and facilitating several webinars that relate to the member’s blogs and
articles in The Appalachian Voice and engage environmental and energy experts in a conversation with the public;

• Overseeing the organization’s monthly special page in a regional news publication, The Mountain Times, by working with the communications team to compose relevant and timely articles;

• Organizing and facilitating several community forums in Boone, N.C., to discuss topics
relevant to the member’s articles in The Mountain Times

•Guiding volunteer interns through projects such as writing educational articles and assisting with intern recruitment and management;

• Assisting with outreach efforts to recruit volunteers and members through various tabling events, conferences and presentations;

• Maintaining relationships with volunteers who distribute The Appalachian Voice throughout western North Carolina.

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    Americorps Outreach and Education Associate

    * Please note: this position is an eleven-month service term and is administered under the auspices of Americorps and Carolina Mountain Land Conservancy’s Americorps Project Conserve program *

    The Outreach and Education Associate serves as a communications outreach and education specialist with our Red, White and Water and our Energy Savings programs in North Carolina to educate and provide resources to citizens who have a stake in protecting their local waterways from coal pollution and advancing energy efficiency efforts in their community.

    For this position, the member will utilize traditional and social media as well as direct public outreach to educate the public about Appalachian Voices’ program work in North Carolina with particular focuses on coal-related water pollution and energy efficiency.

    Position responsibilities include:
    • Conducting outreach activities efforts to recruit volunteers and members at tabling events, door-to-door canvassing, presentations and community meetings;

    • Assisting with community education about water quality and how pollutants from coal affect community health and water quality, and how energy efficiency can benefit local residents and economies;

    • Researching and creating written and online educational materials such as informational flyers and brochures, educational presentations, blog posts, social media updates, occasional pieces for The Appalachian Voice publication and other materials as needed to provide methods for community members to learn more and become involved;

    • Conducting educational workshops for residents and businesses on residential energy efficiency and energy conservation ;

    • Guiding and supporting local residential electricity customers in writing Op-Eds and letters to the editor about energy efficiency.