A publication of Appalachian Voices

A publication of Appalachian Voices

Fostering Climate Resilience

As climate change begins to impact Appalachia, scientists and community activists look for ways to study and adapt to the changes.

Across the Years: Updates from the Archives

In honor of our 20th anniversary, we looked through The Appalachian Voice archives to identify important topics that we’ve covered over the years and provide updates on where these issues stand today.

Navigating the Russell Fork

The Russell Fork River was recently added to American River’s 2016 list of America’s Most Endangered Rivers because of threats from mountaintop coal removal mining.

Celebrating 25 Years with the Affrilachian Poets

For 25 years, the predominantly African American group of writers known as the Affrilachian Poets have been “making the invisible visible.”

Home Projects to Save Energy and Money

Appalachian Voices recently produced several short instructional videos about home projects that can lower your energy bill as well as help you protect the environment by consuming less energy.

Endangered Appalachian Rivers

Over the years, several Appalachian rivers have been included in the annual America’s Most Endangered Rivers list. See how the threats facing these rivers have changed.

American Kestrel

The American kestrel is North America’s smallest falcon. This bird, whose population is declining, adapts well to nest boxes installed by conservationists.

Monumental Momentum

The proposed Birthplace of Rivers National Monument would provide additional protection for approximately 122,000 acres within the Monongahela National Forest and aims to boost tourism in the area.

Holston Ammunition Plant’s Open Burning Raises Citizen Concern

The Holston Army and Ammunition Plant in Kingsport, Tenn., is seeking a renewed air permit to continue disposing of explosives and contaminated materials by burning them out in the open.

Wildlife Initiatives Expand in East Kentucky

Two new wildlife preserves have been established in Eastern Kentucky.

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