A publication of Appalachian Voices

A publication of Appalachian Voices

What’s Coming Down the Natural Gas Pipeline?

Fracked from the Marcellus and Utica Shale formations, a surplus of natural gas could surge into Virginia and North Carolina if new pipelines and infrastructure projects are approved. Citizens and economic experts are raising questions about how steep a toll — both financially and environmentally — these investments in natural gas will take.

Power of Cooperation: Co-ops put solar on rooftops

By banding together in solar cooperatives, residents are negotiating better prices for home solar installations, supporting each other through the process, and becoming more empowered solar advocates.

RECLAIMing Central Appalachia

A rare bipartisan proposal aims to tackle two pressing issues related to the flailing coal industry — the need for new economic opportunities in central Appalachia and repairing environmental damage from decades of mining.

Industrial Hemp Offers Hope to Appalachia’s Farmers and Environment

Virginia farmers will soon be able to grow hemp for industrial purposes — albeit with restrictions. Industrial hemp farming is also being explored to varying degrees in Kentucky, West Virginia, Tennessee and North Carolina.

Service, Music and Community at Appalachian South Folklife Center

The Appalachian South Folklife Center in southern West Virginia has weathered many storms over the past half century, yet continues to provide help to residents in need, education for youth, and a safe harbor for activists.

States Consider Cuts to Mine Safety, Coal Taxes

Legislation in Kentucky, West Virginia and Virginia related to mine safety laws and coal taxation policies is showing how far Appalachian lawmakers will go in attempts to sustain the ailing industry.

Bankrupt Coal Companies Dodge Liabilities and Distribute Bonuses

Three major U.S. coal companies have filed bankruptcy and are grappling with their liabilities to restore sites after mining and their obligations to employees, past and present.

Controversy Shrouds Coal Ash Cleanup

In March, the N.C. Dept. of Environmental Quality held hearings across the state to solicit stakeholder comments on the cleanup plans for North Carolina’s 33 Duke Energy coal ash impoundments. The state also lifted do-not-drink warnings from households with contaminated wells near coal ash ponds.

Environmental Votetracker — April/May 2016

See how Appalachian congressional representatives voted on several environmental issues during February and March 2016.

Member Spotlight: Tracey Wright

Appalachian Voices Board Secretary Tracey Wright isn’t one to sit back and wait for change to happen — she strives to do all she can to advocate for environmental protection and inspire others to work for change.

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