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Green Tea With a Splash of Bipartisanism

By Nolen Nychay A new bipartisan coalition called Green Tea has emerged in Georgia, united by a mutual objective to revise the state’s environmental and economic legislation. The new alliance includes Libertarians, environmentalists, Tea Partiers and other conservative interest groups.

Podcasting Appalachian History

By Bill Kovarik Dave Tabler’s education in art history didn’t prepare him to be an Appalachian historian so much as his hope to overcome the way his father “spent a lifetime running away from mean jokes about marrying your cousin


Appalachia’s Contested History

By Bill Kovarik It has been 50 years since Harry Caudill wrote “Night Comes to the Cumberlands,” a landmark history that rejected stereotypes of Appalachian people as backward hillbillies and described the ruthless exploitation they suffered. The book spoke with


Traditions of Resistance:

Lessons from the struggle for justice in Appalachia By Molly Moore In 1964, a 61-year-old Kentucky woman, Ollie “Widow” Combs, sat in front of a bulldozer to halt the strip-mining of the steep land above her home. She spent that


October/November 2013 Newsbites

Community meetings to tackle blasting issues, a photo exhibit to benefit Appalachian Voices, and saying Hello to new faces and Goodbye to a familiar one.


New Campaign to Bring Clean Energy to Virginia

On Aug. 27, Appalachian Voices and partners in the Wise Energy for Virginia Coalition launched “New Power for the Old Dominion,” a statewide campaign to urge electric providers, energy policy officials and state lawmakers to increase investment in cleaner energy generation in the state.


A Waterfall and a View at Bad Branch State Nature Preserve

By Dana Kuhnline Bad Branch Falls near Whitesburg, Ky., was one of the first hikes I experienced when I moved to Appalachia almost 10 years ago. I happened to be chaperoning two vans full of at-risk teenagers on a weekend


Peregrine Falcons: Diving Back into Appalachia

By Nolen Nychay High atop the cityscape, yellow-ringed eyes squinting in morning sun, the dark silhouette of a peregrine falcon lies in wait of the perfect ambush. As a low-flying pigeon approaches, the peregrine leaps into a dive, closing the


Gateway to Sustainability

By Kimber Ray For Patrick Ironwood, the point where the Sweet Gum Gateway home ends and the wild lands of the Cumberland Plateau begin is blurred, with the sweeping porch and edible landscape of Sweet Gum elegantly blending with the


Major Efficiency Bill Stalled in the Senate

By Brian Sewell Since being introduced to the Senate in July, the Energy Savings and Industrial Competitiveness Act, also known as Shaheen-Portman (S. 1392), promised to be the first major energy bill passed by the Senate in more than six


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