A publication of Appalachian Voices

A publication of Appalachian Voices

Seeds of Change Initiative to Improve Access to Local Food

The Boone, N.C.-based non-profit group Blue Ridge Women in Agriculture received a $1.1 million grant from Heifer USA to strengthen the local food system in what is known as the High Country region of North Carolina. The Seeds of Change

Another Nordic Revolution

By Kristian Jackson It’s 5 a.m. and outside the truck, headlights reveal driving snow squalls and drifts as high as the pickup’s hood. Our crawl up Roaring Creek Road near the Toe River of North Carolina comes to a sudden

Golden Eagles Winter in Appalachia

By Molly Moore With their deep brown bodies and gold-tinged feathery manes, golden eagles are icons of ferocity. When Americans imagine a golden eagle diving through the air with talons outstretched, they typically pair the image with a Western backdrop.

Old Folktales Die Hard

By Brian Sewell “Murdered in May of 1865,” a white gravestone on the banks of the Yadkin River in Wilkes County, N.C., reads. “Tom Dula hanged for crime.” The grave belongs to Laura Foster, the victim in one of the

The Qualla Creators

Conserving Cherokee Traditions By Molly Moore On the Qualla Boundary, the Eastern Band of Cherokee Indians’ reservation, local resources have inspired arts traditions for generations. Today the community’s rich arts heritage is flourishing. The town of Cherokee, N.C.,positioned at the

Bees Share the True Cost of Coal

By Brian Sewell Outside of Appalachia, artists who acknowledge their connection to coal have adopted the issue of mountaintop removal and taken to the road. The Beehive Collective’s True Cost of Coal illustration transforms ways of thinking as it travels

Putting the Human Perspective into Mountaintop Removal

By Brian Sewell For every movement, there is a message. This message can take many forms, but often the most moving is the creation of art to inform. Art helps people see problems anew, even those who see them everyday.

Paul Corbit Brown: Truth Before Profit

By Jamie Goodman Paul Corbit Brown’s life has come full circle – thanks to the lens on his camera. He was born into a coal miner’s family in Kilsyth, W.Va. For generations, every male in his family had become coal

Following the Patchwork Path

Quilt Trails Drive Rural Economic Revival By Dana Kuhnline Barn quilts, a relatively new art form that draws on rich rural craft traditions of the past, are helping communities answer an important economic question. “How do we get travelers off

Bringin’ Anachronism Back

Modern Adventures in Traditional Appalachian Craft By Julie Johnson I was 25, slogging through yet another post-college retail job, when I realized I should run away to the hills and be a craftperson’s apprentice. It was a dream nurtured since

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