A publication of Appalachian Voices

A publication of Appalachian Voices

Knock on Wood

How to Make a More Sustainable Guitar By Brian Sewell Wayne Henderson, a renowned musician and luthier, spends most of his time in the workshop beside his home in rural Rugby, Va. Some of the finest acoustic guitars in the

Jackson County Green Energy Park

Garbage to Gas to Arts By Cinthia Miller It is hard to imagine that a landfill, the final place for mounds of household trash, could ever be a valuable resource, but Jackson County, N.C., is proving that even garbage has

From These Hills

Contemporary Art in the Southern Appalachians By Paige Campbell Through Feb. 19, the William King Museum and Center for Cultural Art and Heritage in Abingdon, Va., will host the tenth exhibition of From These Hills: Contemporary Art in the Southern

Talking Tradition

Storytelling Moves to Center Stage By Molly Moore According to Gary Carden, the Scot-Irish people of Appalachia don’t communicate in dialogue. They communicate in stories. “When I was a child, [storytelling] was called lying,” Carden says. A renowned storyteller, Carden

Writing the Ballad Novels: Sharyn McCrumb In Her Own Words

My father’s family settled the North Carolina mountains in the 1790s, and I grew up in a swirl of tales: mountain legends, ballads and scraps of Appalachian history. My first ancestor to settle in these mountains was Malcolm McCourry, chronicled

Appalachian Documentaries

Films Scrutinize the Impacts of Coal By Theresa L. Burris Residents of Appalachia have encountered prejudice through all types of media, some based on stereotypes of coal mining society. Fortunately, conscientious documentarians have surfaced over the years. They counter negative

A Simple Approach to Stewardship

An excerpt from a sermon by Pat Watkins Lots of people of faith have rejected the overwhelming attractions of consumerism and have begun to give simple gifts at Christmas. Consumerism, which seems to overshadow Christmas far more than any theological

Time to Stop the Denial

Let’s talk about losing touch. According to a 2011 study by the Pew Research Center, fewer Americans believe in global warming than did five years ago. Politicians treat climate change as a non-issue and wage war on the U.S. Environmental

Grassroots Filmmaking in Appalachia

By Tom Hansell Amazing documentaries come from the Appalachian region. From the Academy Award-winning Harlan County, U.S.A. to the recent premiere of The Last Mountain at the Sundance Film Festival, these mountains are full of compelling stories that have attracted

BLM/OSM Merger Postponed | Newsbites

Interior Secretary Ken Salazar has announced a postponement of a merger between the Bureau of Land Management and the Office of Surface Mining and Reclamation Enforcement to Feb. 15, 2012. In late October, Salazar announced the proposal and received immediate

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