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Studies Show Harmful Air Pollution From Wildfires

Study shows particulates linger after forest fires and could contribute to climate change.


DuPont Settles Chemical Leak Lawsuits and Other Shorts

DuPont and its spin-off The Chemours Company agree to settle thousands of lawsuits regarding a toxic chemical leak in Parkersburg, W.Va,; Tennessee restocked thousands of trout following last fall’s wildfires; and the state of Kentucky is seeking help in spotting a rare skunk.


After Massive Wildfires, Region Recovers

Two months after wildfires raged across the Southeast in the fall of 2016, communities in Tennessee and North Carolina are recovering.


Massive VA Forest Fire Does Little Permanent Damage

By Anna Norwood High winds and low humidity were the perpetrators in starting multiple wildfires in southeast Virginia that burned almost 40,000 acres of national forest in April. The Fire and Aviation Supervisor for the George Washington and Jefferson National


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