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Virginia Students Develop Satellite Technology

Mark Warner Wise County students

In the new Virginia Space ThinSat Program, students from fourth grade to rising seniors create small satellites that collect data from a low-Earth orbit.


Driving on Sunshine

Appalachia’s Solar Electric Vehicle Charging Company Brightfield Transportation Solutions, an Asheville, N.C.-based company, has harnessed the world’s largest and longest transportation fuel pipeline. This nearly 93-million-mile wireless pipeline wasn’t constructed by a large corporation, isn’t causing a political fist fight,


Nature: There’s an App for That

Many smartphone applications tend to isolate users, since staring at a screen automatically distracts them from their natural surroundings. However, there are some apps that may actually help to bring users closer to nature — here’s a few to try.


A Case for the Smart Grid

How adding intelligence to an aging system could put control in the consumers’ hands By Davis Wax While we can often take our 21st-century technology for granted, whether it is the next smartphone, laptop or means of digital storage, there


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