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Ready for the Wild: Rescue Rehabilitates and Releases Young Bears

Bear cub

The Appalachian Bear Rescue in Townsend, Tenn., has saved more than 300 bears from eight different states over the last 25 years.


Western North Carolina Groups Seek Solutions to Human-Bear Interactions

Several groups are collaborating on a study intended to reduce the number of human-bear conflicts in the Great Smoky Mountains National Park.


Wildlife Officials Plan to Reduce Black Bear Population in Virginia

Wildlife officials in Virginia approved a controversial plan to reduce the population of black bears in the state.


Bear Population Rises, Human Encounters Follow

With bear populations rising, wildlife agencies are working to avoid any negative interactions with humans.


The Ebb and Flow of Appalachia’s Game Species

By Davis Wax From the mythic, raccoon-crowned Daniel Boone to the adventurous, tradition-minded hunter of today, hunting in Appalachia makes up a long and colored tale. Its most intriguing characters may be the game species themselves, each accentuating a pastime


Bears, Body Rhythms and Boundaries

By Molly Moore It’s a feat that no rational human would attempt. A person who laid essentially dormant for up to six months without urinating or defecating would probably die from elevated levels of nitrogen and other wastes. If not,


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