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Turning Trash into Fuel

Lebanon Gasification Plant

Using gasification can turn waste products like wood and chicken manure into energy and produce a useful agricultural byproduct — but opponents raise concerns about air pollution.


Going solar in the coalfields of Southwest Virginia

Cover of the Solar Roadmap for Southwest Virginia

CONTACT: Adam Wells, Appalachian Voices, New Economy Program Manager, 276-679-1691, Matt Wasson, Appalachian Voices, Director of Programs, 828-262-1500, Cat McCue, Director of Communications, 434-293-6373, Wise County, Va. — A group of local leaders from far Southwest Virginia


Virginia Utility Submits Plan for the Future

Environmental groups are challenging Dominion Virginia Power’s proposed plan to construct a new nuclear facility as part of its alternative energy initiative.


Vaughn’s Diesel

A Tennessee man has built his own biodiesel fuel processor and now uses cooking oil to run his farm equipment and truck.



Universities Experiment with Alternative Fuel By Chris Robey Universities have long experimented with alternative fuels — engineers at the University of Georgia were tinkering with buses fueled by peanut oil in 1981. But in the decade since Hurricane Katrina caused


Bio-energy Creates A Mass of Questions

By Jason Reagan Biomass: it’s a new word but an ancient energy source. For much of the world, the practice of gathering energy from organic material — the “bio” in “biomass” — is an everyday affair. Worldwide, about 146 billion


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