A publication of Appalachian Voices

A publication of Appalachian Voices

A Broken Relationship in Southern Appalachia

By Rev. Pat Watkins As Christians on this earth, we are called to be in relationships with God, with each other and with creation. We care for God’s people with a special place in our hearts for the poor, the

Visions for the Future: Build It Up, W.Va.

The opinions expressed in Viewpoints are those of the author’s and are not necessarily reflected by The Appalachian Voice By Joe Gorman Appalachia’s population is aging and its youth are leaving. This is a critical moment: for a sustainable future

Letters to the Editor

Well Contamination Nightmare Dear Appalachian Voice:   Thank you for your extensive coverage of water quality in your most recent issue. It was excellent. I have been beating that drum ever since I discovered last April that the water supplying

Letters to the Editor

Appalachian Voice welcomes letters to the editor and comments on our website. We run as many letters as possible, space permitting. The views expressed in these letters, and in personal editor responses, are the opinions of the authors and are

Letters to the Editor

Natural Gas is Responsible Dear Appalachian Voices, With reference to your Spring 2008 Appalachian Voice on natural gas drilling – As a “clean fuel” natural gas is reasonably available in this country. Coal seam gas extraction has garnered increased attention


Fighting for their Future By the van load, by bus, on foot, they came to Richmond Virginia to confront Dominion Power, one of the last great bastions of the old fossil regime. Under a gray sky they unfurled the mile-long

Hillbilly Stereotypes make me wanna holler

When I saw the clip of the Daily Show’s Jon Stewart aping a misinformed West Virginia voter in May, I had a flashback to a Saturday Night Live “Appalachian ER” skit, which featured rocker Neil Young embroiled in a mess

Editorial – End Game for King Coal

/images/AppalachianVoice/Mar_2008/Edit.cartoon.jpg The American coal industry has never been more profitable, and yet paradoxically, has never been more vulnerable. With the rise of coal prices to unprecedented levels, new coal mines of marginal quality are being forced online. The owners are

Protests Raise Awareness of Destruction

The recent protest of Charlotte-based Bank of America’s practice of financing companies who strip mine coal in West Virginia, Kentucky and Virginia raised concerns that should be of interest to all North Carolinians. The Rainforest Action Network hung a huge

Environmental Education in Giles County

It’s often been said that a good example is at the heart of a good education. That being true, imagine what students on the New River in southwestern Virginia are learning about morality, science, economics and law, thanks to American

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