Jamie Goodman

Jamie is an Appalachian local with a deep and unshakeable love of the mountains her family has called home since the mid-1700s. With a background in journalism and communications, she has been with Appalachian Voices since 2008 and currently serves as our Director of Digital Innovation and Technology.

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The Mystical Season: A Love Poem to Winter

Appalachian Voices’ Jamie Goodman recounts the joys of a winter hike and the magic of the season. She also shares thoughts from others about the perks of braving the cold and setting out on the trail.


Hidden Treasures of Appalachia – 2016

For the past 20 years, in addition to highlighting environmental problems in our region, The Appalachian Voice has also sought to showcase our magnificent, ancient mountains that people from all over the world come to visit. Below, we offer up just a taste of the natural adventures and cultural highlights from our story archives.

Celebrating Two Decades and Counting…

This year marks the 20th anniversary of The Appalachian Voice. Learn how the newspaper got its start and how the organization, Appalachian Voices, came into being a year later.


Spotlight – Gabrielle Zeiger, Mushroom Expert and Mountain Lover

An amateur mushroom and fungi expert and a stalwart mountain lover, Gabrielle Zeiger has delivered The Appalachian Voice for us for over 16 years.

From the Archives: With Cougar Sightings Galore, Has the Cat Come Back?

The following story by Nathaniel H. Axtell appeared in the second issue of The Appalachian Voice, Summer 1996. In the years since, we featured articles on the Eastern cougar in 2001 (“Cores, Cougars & Corridors“) and again in 2008 (“Cougars

Asphalt: A Sticky Issue for Communities

By Jamie Goodman There are nearly 2.6 million miles of paved roads in the United States, and 1.3 million miles of unpaved roads. In the early 2000s, the Federal Highway Administration launched a nationwide campaign to speed up the paving


The Book of Lenny

By Matt Wasson In September, Appalachian Voices lost a dear member of our family. Lenny Kohm worked at Appalachian Voices for nearly 13 years, during which time his wisdom and deep understanding of what moves people to take action became

Using our online Voice

thevoice_onlineWe are delighted to announce that all the great content found in the print edition of our beloved bi-monthly publication, The Appalachian Voice, is now available on our website, through our newly revamped online presence. Before diving in to read the latest issue of The Voice online, take a moment to learn about the new features you’ll find inside.


Davis Wax: A Spirit of Service in the Mountains

A former editorial intern with The Appalachian Voice, Davis is as comfortable writing an article about electricity transmission as he is teaching diverse groups of new volunteers the ins and outs of trail building.

Global Connections

Goods we take for granted today, such as spices, sugar, silk and coffee, were once signs of the early global trade system. This collage of accounts from Valle Crucis, N.C.’s Taylor and Moore Store ledger (1861 to 1874) also includes


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