A publication of Appalachian Voices

A publication of Appalachian Voices

Public Comment Period on Key Ingredient of RoundUp

By Laura Marion This May, the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency told Reuters news agency that it has finished a review of the health and environmental impacts of glyphosate — a chemical used in popular herbicides such as RoundUp — and

La Crosse Virus on the Rise in Appalachia

By Laura Marion A third species of mosquito capable of transmitting the La Crosse encephalitis virus has been discovered in the Appalachian region, according to a report published by the U.S Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. Up to 100

Tennessee Rivers at Risk

By Cody Burchett According to a report released this May by the nonprofit Tennessee Clean Water Network, surface water enforcement actions issued by Tennessee state regulators have dropped 75 percent since 2008. Of the 53 enforcement orders issued last year

Healing the Red River’s Tributaries

Advocates for Kentucky’s Red River are advancing a plan to protect the creeks that feed this iconic waterway.

On the Front Lines

When mountaintop removal threatened to surround the tiny town of Inman, Va., residents pushed back.

Newfound Native American Burial Ground Protected

By Julia Lindsay A largely undisturbed burial mound recently discovered in Greenup County, Ky., could provide a window into early Native American culture. The 20 feet high by 80 feet long mass dates back to the Fort Ancient or Woodland

Three Corners of the Cumberland Trail Gap Project

A tri-state effort aims to boost tourism in the Cumberland Gap region.

Resilient Landscapes for a Shifting Environment

An ecologist aims to help identify and preserve tracts of land that are most likely to help species survive in a changing climate.

North Carolina’s Complicated Road to Renewables

As coal ash continues to plague communities across North Carolina, the state’s legislature is debating whether to invest in or put a freeze on renewable energy. The Energy Freedom Act, introduced by House Republicans, would allow third party solar sales

An Enterprising Idea

Entrepreneurs — and their supporters — believe that jumpstarting the mountain economy begins with investment in local business.