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Trading the City for the Farm

Morel Bliss and August Stringer of Mascot, Tenn., have bid vacations good-bye since their honeymoon last October. Days start at 6 a.m. and are wrapped up at about 9 p.m. seven days a week. Important daily tasks, almost all done


Forward Thinkers Move Back to the Land

by Rachael Goss When we think about the 1960s, certain iconic images pop up. From flower children and festivals to fierce protests and racial unrest, the decade was marked by a turbulent change in the social and political fabrics of


The Coal Report

Cross-State Air Pollution Rule Will Save Lives By Meg Holden The Cross-State Air Pollution Rule (CSAPR), the Environmental Protection Agency’s (EPA) newest regulations to limit air pollution from coal-fired power plants, will take into account the problem of air currents


Editorial and Viewpoint

A Politician A Day Keeps The EPA At Bay What is it about politicians that calls them to be so obedient to the worst of the bad apples in big business? The mantra of the 112th Congress seems to be


Across Appalachia

Rays of Solar Progress Peeking Out in Appalachia By Jeff Deal While Appalachia has not yet realized the progress made in solar electricity generation in the United States’ West Coast or Northeast regions, solar energy development within our region is


Hiking, Biking, Running, and Skiing on West Virginia’s Greenbrier Trail

By Joe Tennis Near a quiet place called Renick, W.Va., though the railroad is long since gone, a crossing sign remains. And so does the former path of the Greenbrier Division of the Chesapeake and Ohio Railway, now the Greenbrier

Three Weeds to Feed Your Needs

By Meg Holden Interested in going “back to the land”? What about “back to the lawn”? Build a self-sufficient salad out of greens available in your own back yard. Here are three plants that grow as weeds in our region,


Skip the Lawn Mower This Season, Eco-Goats is On The Way

If you are looking for a new twist on farm life, here is one: using goats to clear brush, mow lawns and remove invasive species. Brian Knox, founder of Eco-Goats, one of the East Coast’s leading goat clearing companies, became


Bison: The Healthier, More Sustainable Meat

By Jillian Randel With large agriculture squeezing the market on more traditional farming methods, small agriculturalists are finding newer and more creative ways to make a living from the barnyard. Pink is the new black, tempeh is the new tofu

Bathroom Suds With a Touch of Sass

When a long-time customer sent an email from Afghanistan asking about a remedy for raw and bleeding feet—the result of wearing combat boots for 14 hours a day—Sassy Goat Milk Soap owner Jill Wyse set to work on a batch

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