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Appalachian Voices calls for science-based ozone standards

Appalachian Voices has joined the American Lung Association and over 200 other health, faith, and conservation groups this week in asking the EPA to issue strict, science-based limits on ground-level ozone pollution. Ozone is the main irritant in the smog that affects cities large and small throughout our region, as well as prized natural areas like Shenandoah National Park – jeopardizing our health, quality of life, and natural heritage. Emissions from coal-fired power plants are major contributors to smog, so stricter standards will require states to get tougher on these polluters.

Polluters oppose science-based standards, so it is up to citizens to demand them. 210 groups representing citizens from across the country voiced their support for strict standards to policy makers this week with an ad in Politico. See the ad HERE.





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