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Ohio Citizen Action Birdogging for the Mountains!

Thank you so much to Ohio Citizen Action, who have been great allies on the fight to end mountaintop removal. They have been a great part of the reasons we were able to get several member of the Ohio delegation on board HR1310, the Clean Water Protection Act. They are working hard to get Senator Sherrod Brown on board with the Senate version of the bill. When Sen Brown was a House Rep, he was a cosponsor of the HR 1310. So what’s the problem now? As Ohio Citizen Action put it,

“In the seven months since S. 696 was introduced to ban the practice, 13,411 people have sent letters, messages, and children’s illustrations from all over Ohio to Brown, urging him to co-sponsor it.”

See Senator Brown’s reaction when pressed on the issue:

Write your Senator asking him or her to end mountaintop removal today!





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