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Cool Cities Press Conference – 01.24.07 – 11AM – YMCA

Public came to cheer for Blacksburg!
Wednesday, January 24th – 11AM
YMCA Thrift Store – 1000 North Main Street

Wednesday, Jan 24th – 10:30 AM
Started @ Old Annie Kays, rode to YMCA
Washington and Main Street

The Public was invited to a press conference to celebrate Blacksburg’s participation in the “Cool Cities” Initiative. Appreciation was shown for the Town’s leadership to help stop Global Warming.

The Mayor of Blacksburg, Ron Rordam, was presented a plaque by David Bernard, Chair of the of the New River Valley Sierra Club chapter. The Mayor was present on Blacksburg’s initiative to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. Local citizens were also present on what citizens can do to reduce their own impact and work with the town.

There were information tables featuring local action-oriented groups, businesses, and government groups.

There was an alternative fuel rally featuring hybrid cars, biodiesel vehicles, and bicycles down Main Street starting at 10:30 AM at the Old Annie Kay’s (Washington and Main).

What Is The Cool Cities Initiative? Check out the Cool Cities website To learn more about the U.S. Mayor’s Climate Protection Agreement, check out this site –

To stay involved, email Aaron Barr or David Roper





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