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Another Sludge Dam Breaks

This time in England

At 9.24am everything was OK; at 9.25am it wasn’t. A slurry dam had burst and it just came through the village.
“I should think it was at least 18in to 2ft of mud which really badly affected some properties, including our own, with mud on the carpets.”
Heather Waugh, landlady of the Moon Inn, said: “I just looked out of the window and it was like a load of sludge coming down and then suddenly a full-blown river just flooding down the middle of the village.
“It got to about two-and-a-half feet high, just kept coming and coming. It’s gone into people’s houses and flooded them. There’s mud everywhere and it’s horrible.


No one from Glebe Mines Ltd was available for comment

Learn more about sludge, and sludge ponds, as well as the many dangers posed by each at





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