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The Biggest Surprises Found in the Smallest Towns

Great Cacapon like Paw Paw is quite small. But the effort the townspeople put forth to support Ed and Pennies of Promise is great.
On the steps of the United Methodist Church on Main St. in Cacapon, Ed spread the word still further about the Marsh Fork Elementary School. The reaction to Ed’s story has now become incredibly predictable. Everyone no matter what walk of life is baffled by the situation. It’s as if their minds won’t let the image of a 385 foot tall sludge dam looming over an elementary school process as reality.image At the close of Ed’s presentation the Pastor of the church, members of the community, and the youth group children offered Ed pennies, hugs, warm words and promises of support. As always to see Ed with children is touching. The children we meet embody the very reason we are out here. They drive us to succeed. For the Children of Appalachia we will keep on pushing ever closer to D.C.
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