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Would Joe Manchin Do This for the Children of WV? (Day 25)

It rained for the first time in month last night. Here in the Eastern Panhandle things have been really dry. For the last two nights we have been camping on the banks of the very beautiful Cacapon River. image The peaceful river has rejuvenated our road tired spirits. It is really a luxury in our eyes to be able to retreat to the woods at the end of a long day, kick off our shoes, take a swim, and enjoy the shade of massive silver maple trees. Yesterday filmographer Mike Oconnel joined the Pennies crew for a day of filming. It was a perfect day for him to come, he captured Ed in front of soaring vistas and crowded streets. After a very long and hot day we all retreated to the banks of our new favorite river, The Cacapon. That’s just abut when the clouds rolled in, they offered a much needed deluge for the greenery of the panhandle, but it sent us scrambling for cover. Luckily adjacent to our campsite is an overpass bridge, it served as an excellent shelter from a really excellent thunder storm. Amidst the chaos of getting all of our stuff in the dry and making sure we were out of reach of any flood waters, we realized this would be an amazing time for Ed to share his thoughts for an on camera interview. With the cameras rolling we could capture one of the many unexpected situations we have encountered over our three hundred mile journey.
Mike and Jordan sprang into action, and with lighting provided by Mikes pick up truck headlights. Ed asked the camera ” Would Joe Manchin be out here for the children of West Virginia”? I watched from a rainy patch of woods, what in my opinion was the most powerful visual image of the whole trip. Ed holding the drenched Pennies banner, spotlighted with headlights, as lighting flashed and thunder boomed behind him. We are out in all kinds of very different and sometimes challenging situations. Yet we always remain steadfast, with the knowledge that our efforts, especially Ed’s, will result in a new Marsh Fork Elementary. I hope everyone is still calling the Governor, if not get on it, call Senator Byrd as well and tell him of Ed and the Pennies March.

Later Days,

Austin Hall





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