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40 Days for the Children (Day 3)

Things are swingin for Ed in the “serious backroadage” of West Virginia as he makes his trip from The WV capitol of Charleston to Washington DC. Visit our friends at Pennies of Promise to learn mroe about Ed and why an grandfather would walk 455 miles in the heat of summer so that his grandkids can have a safe place to go to school!

Here’s the word from the road. Pass it on!

Following a excellent night 2 stay at Vivian Stockman’s house we went into cell phone range to await the 10:30 radio interview. Ed knows and understands the importance of these interviews for getting the message out, but he was visibly upset and quite antsy not to be pounding the pavement ever second of every day. As we keep saying – THE MAN IS A MACHINE.

He then did his radio with Hoppy and the Metronews Networks which will be broadcast all over WV. Hoppy and Metronews have a very Blankenship friendly reputation, and Massey Energy CEO Don Blankenship has come on the program several times himself. Unphased, Ed Wiley was an absolute smash. Hoppy asked Ed some questions which were clearly intended to challenge him and to support the Massey framing. Ed was relentlessly on message, and never in need of a lifeline, as he kept reminding Hoppy that this was for the children, for the children, FOR THE CHILDREN! Ed absolutely continues to awe and impress those who hear or see him in person or in the media.

Despite a late start, Ed still managed to march 16 miles in temperatures that never reached 90, but remained a much more bearable 89 degrees Farenheit.
The kindness and the donations have kept the trip going thus far, but Austin(App Voices field organizer) and Jordan (filmographer) are still working to drum up support in upcoming towns. Your generosity and support is CRUCIAL to the success of this mission. So, a few things…

1) $MONEY$ – This is for the health of the children. I pledged .05/mile to keep Ed going and to help give hope to these kids future, and YOU SHOULD TO!

2) Housing – Do you or someone you know live within an hour of Ed’s route? PLEASE HELP PUT ED UP. Roadside housing is the most sustainable way to keep this trip alive! Plus, hes a great guy! 🙂

3) CALL GOVERNOR MANCHIN! Call him toll-free: 1-888-438-2731 or 1-304-558-600 e-mail:
Tell Governor Manchin’s office that you support Ed Wiley and the building of a NEW, LOCAL, and SAFE Marsh Fork Elementary School!

Let me stress #3. Governor Manchin’s secretary, just yesterday, asked for the contact info of folks calling. Could it be that Governor Manchin, after 2 years of inaction, will have the gumption to call Ed Wiley on his walk to the nation’s capitol?

7AM wake-up this morning, and a few minor flag adjustments (so people won’t have to crook their necks to read it – according to Ed) and he’s on his way to Frametown, WV!

In the next few days, Ed’s route will be through…

And then…
Falls Mill
Rock Cave




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