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40 Days for the Children (Days 3-5)

Howdy folks! Forget this computer stuff! Im on my way to walk with Ed!

Heres the report from the road
I forgot my ED quote of the day. So the temp is somewhere around 95 degrees, driving ahead to make some noise for Ed, i discovered a hill that rose sharply for about a mile and a half. I was pissed not only must this man be out on the road but he has to walk up mt. Everest in 95 degree heat. The next time I encountered Ed was at the crest of this very hill, I asked inquisitively about the difficulty of the hill. He gave me that Ed grin and said through a laugh “man that wasn’t nothing, your gonna have find something better than that to get me”
Please forgive my slight absence form e-mails. Internet connections are not readily available when your camping by the elk river in Clay County WV. Ed is still forging ahead, day three he logged seventeen miles, day four 16.7, and today, day five…well time will tell.

We are in some seriously rural country, Ed spends long sections on open road with no distractions but the meandering Elk river, the occasional fruit tree, and the noxious roadkill cat. At first I thought walking empty roads was worthless, but now I am seeing that it is allowing Ed a peaceful time to get solidly into the groove of walking. Since we last talked Ed completed his first radio interview with Hoppy on Metro News Network. Hoppy desperately tried to divert Ed from his message with seemingly Massey friendly Blankenship friendly questions. Much to Hoppy’s dismay, Ed clung to the message of Marsh Fork with vice grip strength. I could not have been more impressed and proud. Support on the road continues, it is strange to be out of Coal River where this issue gains 100% support from all the people we encounter. From State troopers to Coal Miners wives, moving the school is every ones first instinct. There is a completely different air in this region of West Virginia, devoid of the tumultuous vibe felt in Coal River. Jordan remarked yesterday that even the trees seemed happier. Ed’s mileage is currently at 66.7, and that is not counting today (Sunday). I am sitting now in Sutton West Virginia Ed’s next substantial town. A household right on Main St. is being kind enough to let Jordan and I sit in the comfort of their beautiful home and use their wireless Internet. We intend to call the Gov today even though it is Sunday, I hope everyone at home is continuing to make those calls…WE ARE BEGINNING TO ANNOY THEM, LETS KEEP IT UP!!!! On Friday the Govs secretary asked for my contact info., could it be that the Gov. is going to muster the gumption to call us…We shall see!

Much Much Much Much Much Much Love to all

And…as always…your support is crucial to the success of the march. You can help by contributing the following –
1) $MONEY$ – This is for the health of the children. I pledged .05/mile to keep Ed going and to help give hope to these kids future, and YOU SHOULD TO!

2) Housing – Do you or someone you know live within an hour ofEd’s route? PLEASE HELP PUT ED UP. Roadside housing is the most sustainable way to keep this trip alive! Plus, hes a great guy! 🙂

3) CALL GOVERNOR MANCHIN! Call him toll-free: 1-888-438-2731 or 1-304-558-600 e-mail:
Tell Governor Manchin’s office that you support Ed Wiley and the building of a NEW, LOCAL, and SAFE Marsh Fork Elementary School! We can NOT underestimate the importance of #3





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