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Quotes for Ed

“If we fail as parents, we have failed as Americans” – Bo Webb

Support Ed and the children of Marsh Fork Elementary!

You can also Listen to Ed speak!

“My issue is these children. These children shouldn’t be in harms way and they are,” Ed Wiley told Hoppy Kercheval on Friday’s MetroNews Talkline. “You’ve got a lot of serious problems down there at the school. It’s not just with the silo and the coal dust. You have the impoundment which has numerous violations on it.”

[UPDATE: the audio has since been taken down]

WV Pubcast has Ed Wiley audio as well! PLUS, they’ll have him on Saturday and Sunday at 6PM! Please support Ed and help spread the word!

GO ED GO!!! If anybody has any words of inspiration for Ed leave them in the coments and we’ll pass them on!




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