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40 Days for the Children (Day 2)

Live and on the road from the good people at Pennies of Promise!

Ed is doing AMAZING as you can see from the picture!
Everybody keeps asking WHAT CAN WE DO? WHAT CAN WE DO?

Here are a few ways that you can help support ED and the children of Marsh Fork Elementary…

1) $MONEY$ – This is for the health of the children. EVERYONE can donate $25 to help give hope to these kids future. Your money buys water for Ed, helps his support team, and goes towards getting a NEW local Marsh Fork Elementary School!

2) Housing – Do you or someone you know live within an hour of Ed’s route? PLEASE HELP PUT ED UP. Roadside housing is the most sustainable way to keep this trip alive! Plus, hes a great guy! 🙂

3) CALL GOVERNOR MANCHIN! Call him toll-free: 1-888-438-2731 or 1-304-558-600 e-mail:
Tell Governor Manchin’s office that you support Ed Wiley and the building of a NEW, LOCAL, and SAFE Marsh Fork Elementary School!

Here’s today’s report!

It is noon in Clendenin WV, need I say it is hot as hell? Ed is still a machine the man baffles me. This morning we received a wonderfull welcome from passers by, money was given, kind words, and thankfully cold cold water. We just sat beneath a stoop, with a Vietnam vet, who was enamored with the story of Ed and the Marsh Fork issue. He kindly gave 5$ it was incredibly inspiring and quite a seen to witness. ITS HOT ITS HOT ITS HOT so call JOE MANCHIN and tell him no Gramps should be out in this weather, and when you are done telling Manchin, pick the phone back up and call Byrd, the calls to Manchins office in my opinion are imperative. PLEASE call do not for a day let this Governor forget that his constituents are forced to take these drastic measurements to protect thier children. So this is my first “ED QUOTE OF THE DAY”: When I asked Ed if he would like to take a break in the shade he responded through a grin “NAh man I am havng to much fun” the man is priceless…

Wow…what an end to an amazing day!

Ed ventured seventeen heat drenched miles at the close of day two. As you all know we had a wonderfull reception in our second town Clendenin WV earlier today. I discovered how valuable traveling ahead of Ed is, with proper town crying you can essentially capture these small towns, even if it is for a brief moment, you can certainly make an impression. Our Pennies of Promise pamphlets are abosolutely essential, they double ED’s attention gathering potential. People are genuienly interested in what he is out here doing out here. Traffic slows, sometimes stops, but always slows. A woman of outstanding energy intersected Ed in tears. Vicky Jo had read about Ed in the paper, she was moved to get in the car and find him. Find him she did. After a few encouraging hugs to Ed she then promptly ventured forward ahead of the Pennies March , to spread the word of the oncoming ED. Spread the word she did! Vicki Jo has arranged a live
from the road, radio interveiw with ED on the Metro News Radio Network heard statewide in WV. We will be on the air tommorow(Friday) morning at 10:30 am. the Host is a DJ named “Hoppy”. Tune in and here the man SPEAK! Hope fully pictures will be attached to this email. Various on the road ED between Elk View WV and Clendenin and into Clay County WV. We called the Governor today to tell him we are still out here, still kickin. DID YOU CALL GOVERNOR JOE MANCHIN AND TELL HIM ABOUT PENNIES OF PROMISE AND ED WILEY TODAY?

We’re not going to stop. Everyday, we’ll ask you for…
1) $MONEY$
2) {encode=”” title=”Housing”}
3) A call to the Governor (1-800-438-2731)

In the next few days, Ed’s route will be through…




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