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Lawsuit seeks to protect candy darter from West Virginia coal hauling

Conservation groups sued the U.S. Forest Service today for failing to protect streams in the Cherry River watershed from the harmful effects of coal hauling in the Monongahela National Forest.


Lawsuit launched to protect endangered West Virginia species from coal hauling

A brightly colored fish hovers over a sunlit, rocky creek bottom in clear, shallow water.water

Conservation groups intend to sue the U.S. Forest Service over the agency’s failure to protect several endangered species from the harmful effects of coal hauling in the Monongahela National Forest. The suit would also protect the species’ critical habitats.


Forest Service Pulls West Virginia Logging Project

In December, the U.S. Forest Service cancelled a 2,400-acre logging plan in West Virginia’s Monongahela National Forest after environmental groups challenged the project.


Hidden Treasures #6: West Virginia


The Cranberry Glades area of Monongahela National Forest encompasses four rare mountain bogs and includes longer and shorter hiking options. The volunteer-made Spotted Salamander Trail in Kanawha State Forest is especially accommodating for visitors with physical and visual challenges.


Where Does Your Forest Stand with the Plan?

A summary of where each national forest in Central and Southern Appalachia is in the forest planning process.


In the Pipelines’ Paths: Environmental damages to special places

Peters Mountain

Both the Atlantic Coast and Mountain Valley Pipelines threaten to damage historic and scenic sites along their paths through West Virginia, Virginia and North Carolina. Places such as Bent Mountain and Peters Mountain could be permanently scared, while parts of the Appalachian Trail and the Blue Ridge Parkway could also be impacted.


Monumental Momentum

The proposed Birthplace of Rivers National Monument would provide additional protection for approximately 122,000 acres within the Monongahela National Forest and aims to boost tourism in the area.


First National Monument in West Virginia Proposed

By Chelsey Fisher The Birthplace of Rivers is an area in the Monongahela National Forest of West Virginia known for its preserved wildlife and ecological features. It includes some of West Virginia’s tallest waterfalls and cleanest waterways, and is considered


Getting Wild in Dolly Sods Wilderness

By Joe Tennis Julie Fosbender stepped carefully down the trail called Fisher Spring Run, heading downhill on a Monday morning. We hiked together for almost two miles along this unmarked-yet-mapped path in the Dolly Sods Wilderness, an expansive and scenic


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