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Bill Could Boost Funding to Reclaim Abandoned Mines

Community advocates traveled to Washington, D.C.

If passed, the RECLAIM Act could provide much needed funding to clean up abandoned mine lands and prepare these sites for economically beneficial uses.


Congress Passes Budget Deal

In a last minute deal, Congress passed a compromise budget in late April that will fund federal obligations through September 2017. The budget includes funding for miner’s health care benefits that were lost during bankruptcy hearings for the parent companies.


Environmental Votetracker — June/July 2017 issue

chart showing how Appalachian representatives voted

How Appalachian House and Senate members voted regarding several environmental issues in April and May.


Budget Blowback

Front page news

The “America First” budget proposed by President Donald Trump in March 2017 would slash funding to many programs that Appalachian residents depend on.


Environmental Votetracker — April/May 2017

Appalachian legislators

How Appalachian House and Senate members voted regarding several environmental issues in February and March.


Environmental Protections Targeted

The two weeks of Trump’s presidency saw executive orders and actions in Congress.


State Politics Across the Region

With state legislative sessions underway across the region, here’s a preview of some of the environmental bills to look out for.


Environmental Votetracker — Feb/March 2017

How Appalachian House and Senate members voted regarding whether to nullify the Stream Protection Rule.


Trump’s Would-Be Coal Comeback Faces Long Odds

President-elect Donald Trump has expressed his support of the coal industry. Less clear is how he will attempt to revive the struggling sector — or how he will confront the collateral damage to human health, the environment and the climate that could result.


Voter Turnout in the Mountains

polling place

Voter turnout for presidential elections has been consistently lower in Appalachia than in the rest of the nation since at least 2004, according to scholars.