Issue 5: October/November 2012


Growing Up Green

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Equal Access

Struggling to Bring Broadband to the Backroads By Paige Campbell Eighth-grader Jarod Knight is having trouble with his homework. At his school in mountainous southeast Ohio, many class projects involve using the school’s broadband internet connection. But if Knight can’t


  Eight Reasons Why The Future is in Good Hands Check out these Eco-Champions: • Chloe and Elijah Rose • Ben Stockdale • Olivia Stegall • Daniela Berry • Bailey Wells, Tristan Ginter and the West Carter Middle School Science

Grade Green

Appalachian Educators Build Creative Curriculum By Paige Campbell The school day has officially ended at Castlewood High School. But at the Wetlands Estonoa Outdoor Learning Center four miles away in St. Paul, Va., it’s hard to tell. Seventeen Castlewood students

Climate in the Classroom

Scientists and science educators overwhelmingly agree that climate change is real and that part of science education is informing students about that reality. Appalachian educators are up to the challenge.

Prescription to Play

Getting Outside Truly is the Best Medicine By Brian Sewell Once upon a time, on an ordinary fall afternoon after returning home from school, the kids from the neighborhood would get together. They might take to a nearby creek or

Teaching the Natural World

By Molly Moore It’s 9:30 a.m., and the sun has yet to offer its full warmth to the fifth-grade class clustered along the bank of the North Toe River in Spruce Pine, N.C. Several students warily eye the chilly current


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