Issue 6: October 2008

Clean Water Protection Act Gains Sponsors, Gives Hope

HR 2169, more simply known as the Clean Water Protection Act, was introduced May 3, 2007 by Representative Frank Pallone (D-NJ) with Christopher Shays (R-CT) and 61 other co-sponsors. The bill would amend the Federal Water Pollution Control Act to

Onward and Upward, Mary Anne Hitt!

Appalachian Voices’ Executive Director Takes New Position With Sierra Club This November, Appalachian Voices’ executive director Mary Anne Hitt will begin a new job in Washington, DC, as the deputy director of the Sierra Club’s National Coal Campaign. Mary Anne

There’s No Place Like Home for the Eastern Box Turtle

By Bill Kovarik He was probably on his way to the creek. It had been a dry summer, and I heard him scratching down the hill, headed for water with speed and a sense of determination that seemed rare in

Letters to the Editor

Appalachian Voice welcomes letters to the editor and comments on our website. We run as many letters as possible, space permitting. The views expressed in these letters, and in personal editor responses, are not necessarily the views of the organization


Carthage and Kentucky When Rome destroyed Carthage in 146 BC, do you suppose they tried to sell their citizens on the virtues of salty land? Did they tell them that the salt-laden fields of Carthage were just brimming with opportunities

Prescriptions for an Enlightened Energy Policy

A Voice interview with Jay Hakes, director of the Jimmy Carter Presidential Library, former head of the Energy Information Administration, and author of a new book: A Declaration of Energy Independence: How Freedom from Foreign Oil Can Improve National Security,

Indian Trails of Appalachia

By Kathleen Marshall & Lamar Marshall Three hundred years ago the southern Appalachians were home to the sovereign Cherokee people. Over fifty towns and settlements were connected by a well-worn system of foot trails, many of which later became wagon

Film Festival to Showcase Environmental Shorts From Across the Nation

The Wild and Scenic Environmental Film Festival, presented in joint effort by Patagonia, Blue Ridge Mountain Sports, and Appalachian Voices, will be held November 11, 2008 at the Lyric Theatre in Blacksburg, Virgina. The event is a benefit for Appalachian

ACE conference starts needed conversation

At the first ever Appalachian Community Economics (ACE) conference held September 19-21 in Abingdon, VA, participants brought that old maxim “don’t put all your eggs in one basket” into contemporary context. The conference focused on developing sustainable, local economies that

Twelve Ghost Story Books of Appalachia

Compiled by Sarah Vig Appalachia has a long and rich folklore tradition, and as anyone knows who has ever sat around a campfire at night, or held a flashlight under their chin, ghost stories are one of the most thrilling

The Story of Mysterious Martha

By Joe Tennis In the Bible, it is told, all things will return to dust. But for one little girl in Wise, Virginia, the vision of seeing dust turn into things that talked would prove so haunting that she would

Ghost Hike to Cone Manor

By Joe Tennis It may be ambiguous, mind you – all this stuff about ghosts. And it might be only your imagination, you see – this idea that you can stare up into the night sky and see figures or

Leading by Example

Solar Homes Tours Show People the Light Story and Photos by Sarah Vig It’s been said that the best way to lead is by example. The American Solar Energy Society has embraced this mantra with the sponsorship of a national

Montezuma’s Revenge

Mountain Electric Right-Of-Way Crews Spray Near Drinking Source, Cooperative Refuses Cleanup Story by Sam Calhoun, Associate Editor of High Country Press, Boone, NC – reprinted in part, courtesy of High Country Press “We are deeply concerned for the contamination of

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    Naturalist's Notebook

    There’s No Place Like Home for the Eastern Box Turtle

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    Ghost Hike to Cone Manor

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