Twelve Ghost Story Books of Appalachia

Compiled by Sarah Vig
Appalachia has a long and rich folklore tradition, and as anyone knows who has ever sat around a campfire at night, or held a flashlight under their chin, ghost stories are one of the most thrilling parts of oral tradition. As our issue is coming out so near to the time when nights get chillier, wind rustles through tree branches, and Hallow’s Eve draws nigh, we thought we would collect for you some of the titles, which collect the best ghost stories from around the region.

  • Appalachian Ghost Stories and Other Tales by James Gay Jones (McClain Printing Company, 1997) List Price: $12.00
  • Ghost Hunters of the South by Alan Brown (University of Mississippi, 2006) List Price: $22.00
  • Ghosts of the Southern Mountains and Appalachia by Nancy Roberts (University of South Carolina Press, 1988) List Price:$12.95
  • Specters and Spirits of the Appalachian Foothills by James Burchill and Linda J. Crider (Thomas Nelson, 2002) List Price:$9.99
  • Ghosts and Haunts from the Appalachian Foothills: Stories and Legends by James Burchill, Linda J. Crider, Peggy Kendrick, and Marcia Wright Bonner (Thomas Nelson, 1993) List Price: $9.99
  • The Ghost of Tillie Jean Cassaway by Ellen Harvey Showell (AuthorHouse, 2000) List Price: $9.94
  • Strange Tales of the Dark and Bloody Ground: Authentic Accounts of Restless Spirits, Haunted Honky Tonks, and Eerie Events in Tennessee by Christopher K. Coleman (Thomas Nelson, 2000) List Price: $9.99
  • Witches, Ghosts, and Signs: Folklore of the Southern Appalachians by Patrick W. Gainer and Judy Prozillo Byers (West Virginia University, 2008) List Price: $18.95
  • Mountain Ghost Stories and Curious Tales of Western North Carolina by Randy Russell (John F. Blair Publisher, 1988) List Price: $12.95
  • Haints of the Hills: North Carolina’s Haunted Hundred by Daniel W. Barefoot (John F. Blair Publisher, 2002) List Price: $9.95
  • The Granny Curse and Other Ghosts and Legends from East Tennessee by Randy Russell and Janet Burnett (John F. Blair Publisher, 1999) List Price: $12.95
  • Ghosthunting Virginia by Michael J Varhola (Clerisy Press, 2008) List Price: $14.95
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