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Who Profits from the Pipelines?

Expansion of the natural gas infrastructure through constructions such as the Atlantic Coast and Mountain Valley Pipelines carry significant risks to the environment and communities near them. But they also carry significant financial benefits for the companies that build them, which may help explain the rush to build more and more pipelines.


Energy Burden Affects Low-Income and Minority Families and other news briefs

More environmental news from across the region including the impact of energy bills on low-income and minority families, regulation of coal ash cleanup and methane emissions.


Solar Jobs Overtake Oil and Gas, Coal Mining in China, Methane Leak in California

News briefs from across the energy sector


Energy Industry Overstated Predictions of Price Spikes

By Brian Sewell The energy industry’s record of overestimating electricity price spikes as a result of pollution controls dates back 40 years, according to an analysis by the Center for American Progress. As a result of the 1990 Clean Air


Beyond Renewable: The Cutting Edge in Energy

By Chelsey Fisher The use of clean energy has increased in the nation since 2005, according to the U.S. Energy Information Administration. While renewable energy is mostly used in more traditional ways, such as powering homes or businesses, in recent


Jackson County Green Energy Park

Garbage to Gas to Arts By Cinthia Miller It is hard to imagine that a landfill, the final place for mounds of household trash, could ever be a valuable resource, but Jackson County, N.C., is proving that even garbage has


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