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The Custodian’s Conundrum

By Molly Moore A swarthy tree trunk stands in a small clearing, a gap in the forest canopy created by its once-thick crown of leaves. Shrubs and saplings clamor for sunlight around the tree’s base, and carpenter ants colonize the


Rooted: The Evolution of America’s Conservation Movement

“Wilderness is not a luxury but a necessity of the human spirit.” Edward Abbey, The “Thoreau of the American West” in Desert Solitaire By Brian Sewell In 1963, when the first woman to receive the Audubon Award for achievements in


This is OUR LAND

Imagining a Land Ethic for a New Era By Brian Sewell There is no shortage of writers who have made the case for conservation and abundant public lands in which all Americans can take pride. It was Wallace Stegner, the


The Qualla Creators

Conserving Cherokee Traditions By Molly Moore On the Qualla Boundary, the Eastern Band of Cherokee Indians’ reservation, local resources have inspired arts traditions for generations. Today the community’s rich arts heritage is flourishing. The town of Cherokee, N.C.,positioned at the


A Miner’s Response

Dear Editor, I am writing on behalf of myself and many coal miners throughout Southwest Virginia. I am a reader of your newspaper and an avid outdoorsman and conservationist. Recently, as I read through [Two Miles from Hell: a Miner’s


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