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Tackling Food Insecurity

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To combat food insecurity, some programs work to fill gaps in federal food assistance programs, while others are getting creative with food systems and supporting local farmers. All of them are making a difference in the fight against hunger, and all face challenges.


New Website Maps Culinary Delights in Appalachia

An online, interactive map offers a taste of Appalachia’s local cuisine.


What’s In Your Food?

Agricultural Stories RELATED STORIES More Than a Market Mobile Market Transforms Tennessee Town With Fresh Food Children’s Gardening Program Cultivates Lifeskills from SCRATCH What’s In Your Food?


Facing the Frontier: Practical Considerations for Genetic Modification in Appalachian Food

By Valerie Bruchon It sounds perfect: enter a laboratory, change one quality of a food crop through genetic technology, and walk away having created a “miracle” food source to help feed the world. This new crop might eradicate the need


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