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The burden of rural home energy costs

chart showing energy burden by region and demographic

Rural households spend 40% more of their income on energy costs than households in metropolitan areas, according to a new report. Our executive director explains how rural electric cooperatives could help families alleviate that burden through energy efficiency.


New TVA rate structure likely to harm low-income families

TVA’s Board of Directors voted to implement a rate change that will disproportionately burden low-income residential ratepayers and will discourage investments in energy efficiency and renewables.


Increasing Homeowner Access to Energy Savings

Financing programs are helping homeowners invest in upgrades that make residences more comfortable while lowering electric bills and reducing a home’s carbon footprint.


Energizing the Clean Economy

Political speeches, the nightly news and newspaper headlines are filled with reminders of the battered economy and the millions unemployed or underpaid. But as energy efficiency and renewable technologies advance, more domestic jobs are created that foster a sustainable economy,


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