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Reworking the Region

From innovative job-training models and worker-owned business to the prospect of federal funding to reinvigorate Appalachia, people across the region are working for a stronger economy.


Many roads lead to clean energy

NAACP_solar.jpgUtilities are cranking more and more electricity onto the grid on extremely cold or hot days — but too much of that ends up leaking out windows and doors in lower-income housing. As the NAACP points out, energy efficiency and other distributed energy sources are safer, healthier, and more equitable ways of providing electricity, and they have the added bonus of bringing much needed economic opportunity to communities of color.


Seeding Dreams with Self-Esteem

Interns at the New Beginnings camp meet in the afternoons to plan for upcoming days and discuss how to resolve conflicts between campers. Photo by Kimber Ray

Through educational advancement and hands-on training, two programs strive to build new opportunities for girls and women in rural Appalachia.


Bridging the Economic Divide

By Kimber Ray Main Story Building New Opportunities For Women In Rural Appalachia Women aspiring to further their education and careers may find their path obstructed by a number of barriers, including domestic violence, biased gender expectations and low confidence.


Johnny Cummings: Small Town with Big Ideals

By Kimber Ray For a small eastern Kentucky town, Vicco has been making big headlines. The driving force of this publicity is the town’s energetic and openly gay mayor, Johnny Cummings. Locals praise their mayor for leading ambitious community projects


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