A publication of Appalachian Voices

A publication of Appalachian Voices

Jillian Randel

An avid reader, hiker and dog lover, Jillian served as Associate Editor of The Appalachian Voice and Americorps Communications Outreach member from 2010-11.

Dancing a beat to faith, economy and environment

By Jillian Randel Our planet, and the humans on it, are in great peril. God provided the world with beauty and bounty — enough for all to live happy and healthy, yet the origins of evil have fostered greed and

Appalachian Summer Music Festivals

Is the arrival of summer like music to your ears? There’s no better way to celebrate warmer days, longer nights and fantastic food than Appalachian summer music and arts festivals. Festivals are held all throughout southern Appalachia as a way

Climate Change: A Fossil Fuel Free Future by 2030?

New Study Proposes The Possibility By Jesse Wood Is it really feasible to power the entire world with renewable energy by 2030? According to Mark Jacobson, professor of Civil and Environmental Engineering at Stanford University, and Mark Delucchi, research scientist

Inside Appalachian Voices

Big Coal Can’t Be Trusted: Another 12,000 Violations of the Clean Water Act By Sandra Diaz Our ongoing legal action against the two largest mountaintop removal coal companies in Kentucky, totaling over 20,000 violations of the Clean Water Act, continues.

Naturalist’s Notebook: Scarlet Tanager

Relocation May Be Only A “Chirp” Away By Kerri C. Weatherly When I first noticed a Scarlet tanager, I was instantly enchanted. Its rich, red feathers caught my eye — a burst of color in a sea of green. I

Arctic Gardens: Voices from An Abundant Land

Arctic Gardens: Voices from an Abundant Land Review by Jeff Deal Few places on Earth have galvanized the hearts and minds of those seeking to safeguard and strengthen Earth’s precious cultural heritage and natural wonders like the Arctic. Dr. Harvard

Top Ten Books on Climate Change

Top Ten Books on Climate Change By Kaley Bellanti Climate change has become one of the most controversial and widely disputed topics facing today’s citizen, often dominating political and economic discussions. Below is a list of some of the most

Viewpoint: Seeing God’s Face in the Dirt

By Rev. Pat Watkins Culpepper UMC – 15 Nov 2009 Cain was a farmer, rooted in the soil. Farming was his life, his existence, his very being was connected to the earth. And that is precisely why Cain’s punishment was

Editorial: Fossil Fuels and Nuclear…

How Costly is Too Costly? Before the flood waters had fully receded from Japanese towns shattered by a 9.0 earthquake and 30-foot tsunami, and while firefighters were racing to cool down a category 5 nuclear disaster (still smoldering as we

Sequestering Your Carbon Footprint

By Jesse Wood & Jillian Randel As consumers, all humans produce a carbon footprint — a measure of our impact on the earth’s resources. Home energy use, transportation, food and goods and services are part of everyday life, but each

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