Dancing a beat to faith, economy and environment

By Jillian Randel

Our planet, and the humans on it, are in great peril. God provided the world with beauty and bounty — enough for all to live happy and healthy, yet the origins of evil have fostered greed and corruption.

In a wonderfully written one-woman show, Leaps and Bounds, Tevyn East weaves together religious history, economic analysis and environmental threats for a truly beautiful performance.

East dances across the stage, atop wooden boxes depicting the struggle between the rich and the poor. She sings about an abundant, beautiful world that God gave us, with enough for all, if we choose to accept and use our gifts responsibly.

“It was really inspiring to see eco-justice and faith addressed together,” said audience member Bonnie Church. “It was a beautiful performance that hit me on a number of levels.”

As economic and ecological crisis abound in this intertwining plot — life as we know it — we see the human experience in a new way. Progress is a bumpy road, and one we must walk with care so we do not fall off the edge.

“Exponential growth equals more interest, debt and loans,” cries East. “We are building an identity of a culture that is based on economic expansion.”

Breaking out in rap and modern dance, East takes the mood to a uniquely upbeat place. She integrates the perfect balance of truth and realism, singing with the intelligence of someone with great wisdom.

“Tevyn is an impassioned young woman. She has grown up with all of the turmoil of this era and really taken it to heart,” said Carol King, East’s aunt. “She is a dancer and an artist and this is her way of sharing her message.”

It is clear that this play pours from East’s heart, spilling onto the stage for the viewer to absorb every precisely placed message of human life and the intricacies of our existence on this planet.

For more information and performance dates, visit: affordinghopeproject.org/


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