A publication of Appalachian Voices

A publication of Appalachian Voices

Cat McCue

Although not native to the region, Cat feels deeply connected to the mountains, rivers, backroads and small towns of Appalachia she has come to know over the years. She is Appalachian Voices' Senior Communications and Public Engagement Strategist.

Beginning of the End of North Carolina’s Coal Ash Crisis

The multi-year fight to clean up Duke Energy’s toxic coal ash pits in North Carolina has been difficult — but community advocates scored a major victory in January when the state ordered the monopoly utility to excavate its remaining ash landfills.

Ella Rose

Ella Rose

Ella Rose enjoys watching wildlife near her home in the Virginia countryside. But Dominion Energy’s plan for a natural gas compressor station roughly 500 feet from her home in Buckingham County has disrupted that.

Bill and Lynn Limpert

Bill and Lynn Limpert by tree

When Bill and Lynn Limpert retired on 120 acres of rugged Virginia mountains, they never thought they would have to fight against Atlantic Coast Pipeline developers seeking to cut down their old-growth trees.

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