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Studies Show Harmful Air Pollution From Wildfires

Study shows particulates linger after forest fires and could contribute to climate change.


Community Members Fight Proposed Asphalt Plant

Glendale Springs, N.C., citizens are raising money and circulating an online petition to fight asphalt plant.


Enviva Biomass Facility Meets Opposition

Proposed wood-pellet processing plant in Richmond County, N.C., raises pollution concerns.


Energy Report Newsbites

Jobs in solar outnumber coal in Virginia; U.S. Dept. of Energy seeks to extract rare earth elements from coal; U.S. Dept. of Interior pans to accelerate drilling for oil and gas on federal lands; Duke Energy withdraws plan to add chemical compounds to coal-fired power plants that would have threatened drinking water.


2016 Deadliest Year for Environmental Activists

2016 surpasses previous years in death count of environmental activists.


Cicada Brood Hatches for First Time in 17 Years

North Carolina, Georgia, and upper South Carolina see first brood of cicadas since 2000.

Member Spotlight: Lucy and Rich Henighan

Lucy and Rich Henighan

Lucy and Rich Henighan — Appalachian Voices members since 1999 — are making a difference in East Tennessee.


The Fight Against the Mountain Valley and Atlantic Coast Pipelines Continues

As federal regulators continue to rubber-stamp the dangerous, inadequate plans for the Mountain Valley and Atlantic Coast pipelines, we’re continuing to fight back alongside residents and grassroots groups across Virginia, West Virginia, and North Carolina.


NC Counties Pass Resolutions in Favor of Energy Efficiency

Buncombe County’s Board of Commissioners

Three counties in the French Broad Electric Membership Corporation service territory have passed resolutions encouraging the electric co-op to develop a tariffed on-bill financing program that would help the co-op’s members afford home energy efficiency improvements.


Hellos and Goodbyes — Aug/Sept 2017

We welcome three new members to our Tennessee Energy Savings team, and bid farewell to our former Tennessee VISTA service member and the graphic designer for The Appalachian Voice.

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