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The Battle Over Blair Mountain Rages On

By Bill Kovarik The fight to preserve West Virginia’s Blair Mountain Battlefield has taken a new turn. Preservation advocates thought they had won in March 2009 when the site was formally listed on the federal National Register of Historic Places.


An Orwellian approach to Appalachian history By removing federal protection from the Blair Mountain Battlefield site, state and federal officials have abrogated a sacred trust. Even worse, by removing the protection in an underhanded manner, and ignoring evidence of skullduggery,

Portrait Story Project Highlights Ties To Appalachia

By Jillian Varkas The Portrait Story project came to the southern highlands in March 2008 to continue a legacy of capturing images and stories to identify with the region through the eyes of its people. The artist, Francesco Di Santis,

Across Appalachia

April 22: Earth Day’s 40th Anniversary By Jillian Varkas This year marks the 40th anniversary of Earth Day. The first Earth Day was celebrated on April 22, 1970, but the concept started years before. After years of concern over the

Environmental Injustice Seen in TVA Policies

Reported by Kyle Wolff TVA’s environmental policies are putting low income Americans at risk, according to the nation’s most prominent advocate for environmental justice. “We take your poison for a price,” said Dr. Robert Bullard on TVA’s decision to ship

Hiking the Highlands

A collaborative piece by Maureen Halsema, Kristina Tarsan of Southern Appalachia Highlands Conservancy, and Joseph Gatins of Georgia Forest Watch Neither Cold nor Snow nor Sleet (nor Ice and Driving Winds!) Can Keep These Hikers Down The crunch beneath your boots,

Legislation Update: Coal in the Political Arena

By Maureen Halsema Coal has been a keyword in many recent political discussions across the nation as bills addressing mountaintop removal and coal wastes have been submitted to state and national legislatures for review. Clean Water Protection Act / Appalachia

Tennessee’s Valdez: Revisiting TVA’s Coal Ash Disaster

Over a year after the Dec. 22, 2008 failure of TVA’s impoundment dam released 5.4 million cubic yards of coal sludge, ash still covers the land and clouds the river. In spite of TVA officials’ assurance that the cleanup would

White Nose Syndrome & The Fate of Appalachia’s Bats

By Maureen Halsema The world’s only flying mammal may be extinct by the end of the decade. White nose syndrome—believed to be caused by a fungus—has already killed about a million bats in the northeastern regions of the U.S. and

Appalachian Advocates Prepare for Fifth Annual Week in Washington

By Megan Naylor With the start of the New Year comes a new opportunity for citizens to assemble in the nation’s capital to meet with Congressional leaders about legislation barring mountaintop removal. The Fifth Annual Week in Washington, hosted by

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