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Spring Brings Renewal to Appalachian Voices

Dear members,

Nothing beats spring in the Appalachians. Redbuds paint the mountainsides, beautiful shades of green color the forests, refreshing rains swell the creeks and birds practice their repertoire in earnest after the long winter. Spring is a time of renewal, and here at Appalachian Voices we took the opportunity at a special staff meeting last week in Boone to renew our spirits, camaraderie and commitment to our mission.
With all our staff members gathered in one room, we shared with each other all the work we are doing and preparing to do. It was a wonderful opportunity to take a step back from daily demands and look at the big picture with our colleagues. For me, it was both inspirational and motivational to see everyone sowing the seeds for many victories ahead as we strive to protect Appalachia’s land, water and communities.

With Earth Day just a few days away, consider giving back to Appalachia this year and help support our work to ensure a clean energy future for the region.

Wishing you a joyous spring,

Tom Cormons
Executive Director





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