Welcome to part two in our exploration of the most amazing places in the Central and Southern Appalachian Mountains — this time exploring some of our most fabulous Public Lands.

Cantwell Cliffs

Photo by Ohio Department of Natural Resources

Among the natural wonders of Southeast Ohio is a set of reddish-brown sandstone formations known as Cantwell Cliffs. The cliffs are situated atop a bed of Blackhand Sandstone (southeast Ohio is the only place in the world where this type of sandstone exists). Characterized by a 150-foot-tall horseshoe-shaped formation overlooking a beautiful gorge, the cliffs feature narrow passageways and towering rock walls. No guardrails are in place, so keep an eye on young children. Cantwell Cliffs are the northernmost location in the alluring Hocking Hills State Park system, making them a less-visited spot and one of Ohio’s most hidden public treasures. — JR

More Info: Located off of S.R. 374, near Rockbridge, Ohio. Visit: thehockinghills.org


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