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WOW! More than Two Dozen Republicans, Democrats, and Independents Cosponsor Scenic Vistas Act

New Cosponsors Swarming as Advocates Prepare for Critical Test Tuesday

Tonight a host of House Republicans, Democrats, and the state’s sole elected Independent signed on as cosponsors of the Tennessee Scenic Vistas Protection Act, signaling an unprecedented shift in momentum for our efforts to protect Tennessee’s Mountains. The bill is scheduled for a critical vote tomorrow (3/27) at 1PM EST in the House Environment Subcommittee.

A big Appalachian THANK YOU to the new cosponsors of the Scenic Vistas Act, listed below…

House Cosponsors of Scenic Vistas (Republicans are in italics)
1. Rep. McDonald
2. Rep. Pitts
3. Rep. Dunn
4. Rep. Kernell
5. Rep. Faison
6. Rep. Turner M
7. Rep. Shaw
8. Rep. Fitzhugh
9. Rep. Naifeh
10. Rep. Moore
11. Rep. Brown
12. Rep. Jones S
13. Rep. Stewart
14. Rep. Parkinson
15. Rep. Sontany
16. Rep. Shepard
17. Rep. Forgety
18. Rep. Glimore
19. Rep. Favors
20. Rep. Turner J
21. Rep. Cooper B
22. Rep. Miller L
23. Rep. Williams K*
24. Rep. Campbell
25. Rep. Hardaway
26. Rep. Sparks
27. Rep. Ramsey
28. Rep. Dean

* Rep Kent Williams, a former Republican, is now an Independent. Technically, he lists himself as a “Carter County Republican.”

Raised on the banks of the Tennessee River, JW's work to create progress in his home state and throughout Appalachia has been featured on the Rachel Maddow Show, The Daily Kos and Grist. He served first as Appalachian Voices’ Legislative Associate and then Tennessee director until leaving to pursue a career in medicine in 2012.


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