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Coal plants = #1 source of mercury into our air. Bonding with water and falling from the air, mercury deposits in our lakes, rivers, streams, and other water bodies that provide drinking water, fish, recreation and ecological habitats. Read here & learn about mercury’s toxic effects.
Right now, you can take a stand to reduce mercury emissions from coal plants across the country. Click here to take action.

This past March, the EPA submitted stronger regulation standards for mercury, acid gases, and other toxic air pollutant emissions from power plants. Through July 5th, 2011, you can send a public comment to EPA Administrator Jackson in support of this progressive measure. There will be public hearings in Chicago (May 24), Philadelphia (May 24), and Atlanta (May 26). Comments can come in the form of letters, emails, or videos to be shown at public hearings.

A local example of mercury’s far reaching toxicity is Watauga Lake in Tennessee. As shown in the video below, Watauga Lake is a pristine, high elevation mountain lake with no direct pollution sources. Yet, the lake is listed under the Tennessee Department of Environment and Conservation’s precautionary fish advisory due to high mercury levels in fish tissue. Women who are nursing or pregnant and young children are advised not to eat these fish so as to reduce the risk of developmental and neurological deficiencies in children.

Clean air and water are human rights that must be protected from coal industry pollution. Your comment will only take a few minutes, but can help prevent years of environmental destruction from air toxins.

Voice your support for stronger EPA regulation of mercury and other air toxins HERE.





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  1. Watauga Native on May 30, 2011 at 5:29 pm

    You can’t even run to the hills to escape pollution anymore. Atmospheric mercury entering our waterways is proof positive that we ALL live downstream. Urge your politicians for stronger environmental protections!

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