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Massey CEO Don Blankenship to Retire

Massey Energy sets the standard for the kind of reckless, union-busting, corner-cutting mentality that has put workers and communities in Central Appalachia at constant risk of danger and death. Singularly, as bad as his leadership was, Don Blankenship was never the only problem. He was the product of an entire coal culture that puts executive profits and cost-cutting ahead of worker safety, economic diversification, human health, Appalachian culture, ecologic integrity, and America’s energy future. We’re not sad to see Don Blankenship go, but his example of corruption and community endangerment should be a clear example of why the Appalachian people need the help of Congress and the President to end practices like mountaintop removal immediately.

Lowell Feld has a great piece up at Blue Virginia, and Ken Ward has more at Coal Tattoo.





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