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Railroad Earth Will Rock Your Socks Off

The Music on the Mountaintop festival is only a few short weeks away… Have you got your tickets?!

Yes? You’re Amazing. No? Go get em!

This year the all-star lineup includes Stillwater, New Jersey natives Railroad Earth. Borrowing their name from the Jack Kerouac short story “October in the Railroad Earth,” the group thrives in a live environment. Combining bluegrass, rock, jazz, and celtic textures, the act makes good use of improvisation, while respecting classic song structures and thoughtful lyricism. It all adds up to thrilling and captivating performances and they’re coming to Boone!

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Not only are the members bonafide musicians, they’re also doing their part to raise awareness about environmental issues. They’ve even got their own environmental blog called The Forecast on their website! Very cool.

Music on the Mountaintop is also doing its part to promote the environment. The are organizing a river clean up on the New, employing solar staging technology, shuttling festival goers, composting trash, and hosting a food drive. Yea! In addition, Appalachian Voices is honored to be receiving a percentage of the festival’s 2010 proceeds!
Learn more about the festivals green cred here

And get those tickets!

Railroad Earth currently includes Todd Sheaffer (guitar, vocals), Tim Carbone (violin, accordian, electric guitar, vocals), John Skehan (mandolin, bouzouki, vocals), And Goessling (acoustic guitars, banjo, dobro, mandolin, flute, pennywhistle, saxophones, vocals), Carey Harmon (drums, hand percussion, vocals), and Andrew Altman (bass, vocals).

The group has recorded and released five albums. Including:

The Black Bear Sessions (2001)
Bird in a House (2002)
The Good Life (2004)
Elko (2006)
Amen Corner (2008)

Learn more about Railroad Earth on their website!
Learn more about Music on the Mountains here!




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