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Blankenship PR Blimp Crashes and Burns in DC

Appalachian Voices staff was on hand at the National Press Club last week to watch Massey Energy CEO Don Blankenship predict further mining tragedies, dismiss coalfield citizens, and brag about blowing up Appalachia to export coal to India. Needless to say that the press walked away unimpressed. Sunday’s Washington Post put the quick kibosh on Don Blankenship’s high flying public relations circus with Dana Milbank’s headline screaming” Massey Energy’s Blankenship: No shame, but plenty of blame.”

Milbank laments for Blankenship:

Poor CEO Blankenship. That mean federal government is not allowing him to pursue his happiness, just because his employees are dead.

Massey Energy is the #1 perpetrator of mountaintop removal. Don Blankenship is the man leading the charge. If you care about ending mountaintop removal, and protecting Appalachia from greedy, reckless CEOs, read the whole piece here and then call your Congressman (202-224-3121) and ask them to stop mountaintop removal. They can support the Clean Water Protection Act (HR 1310) in the House, or the Appalachia Restoration Act (S 696) in the Senate.





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